Students exchange with Rio Saliceto, Italy

In May we did a students´ exchange with a school from Rio Saliceto, Italy. The pupils stayed at our places for three nights.

On Wednesday, the 23rd of May, the Italian students and teachers arrived in Waldzell. In the afternoon we showed them Waldzell and the statue of Andreas Goldberger. Afterwards we collected some wooden sticks for a campfire. For the barbecue we had some self-made twister bread, sausages and vegetables. At 8 o´clock our parents picked us up.

On Thursday we went to Linz, the Italian students by bus and the students from Waldzell by train. At first we did some sight-seeing, we visited the main square, the Trinity Column and some more. In the afternoon we did a guided tour through the ARS Electronica Centre. There was an open space, virtual reality glasses and an 8D cinema. After sight-seeing in Linz, we went back to Ried. There we showed them our town.

On Friday morning we did a presentation about Austria for the Italian students and teachers. Later on we went to Gmunden by bus. There we went to the top of the Grünberg by gondola. We hiked to the Laudachsee and down the mountain to the Hoisnwirt at the Traunsee. Afterwards we took a boat to the centre of Gmunden. The teachers allowed us to buy some ice cream and after half an hour we went back home to Waldzell.

On Saturday the 26th we met at school again. We thanked the Italians for their visit and said goodbye. They set off to Salzburg for some more sight-seeing and then they went back home to Rio Saliceto.

We are looking forward to our trip to Rio Saliceto in September.

                                                                                    :-) Written by the pupils of 3b


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