A TRIP TO ITALY                             23. bis 27.09.2019
Travel Diary by Victoria Salhofer

On Monday the 23rd of September at 6:15 in the morning we started our trip to Italy.
We went by bus for more than 8 hours and had two breaks at gas stations. Finally we arrived in Rio Saliceto at half past two.
There the Italian pupils were waiting for us with welcome signs. Also the mayor of Rio Saliceto said ` Hello` to us. All together we watched a video of their visit in Waldzell
last spring. Afterwards we visited three factories producing typical Italian food: parmesan, balsamico and wine.
In the late afternoon we had a ceremony of our friendship pact with the mayor and all the parents of the Italian guys. After the official part we had the opportunity to taste traditional Italian food.
At seven o’clock I went to my host family for the first time. They showed me their flat and we talked a lot. Unfortunately they didn’t speak English very well but Giulia translated for them. Giulias grandmother cooked Lasagne for us. It tasted very good! After dinner we met Giulia`s friends and we played UNO together.

On Tuesday we all met at the square of Rio Saliceto to go to Sirmione at Lake Garda.
A boat trip on the lake was the highlight of the day!
We went on to Verona, where we wanted to visit the arena but unfortunately it was closed. Not far away from the arena we saw the famous `Balcony of Romeo and Juliet`. There Leni and I signed on the wall:  “Casa di Giulietta”.
The weather was very nice and sunny all day long – about 30 degrees.
We had Tortellini for dinner and for dessert the family and I went to Carpi to have ice cream.

On Wednesday the Italian friends invited us to their school and we sang some songs together. After school we went to Maranello. At „Pista Fiorano“ we could watch a Formular3 car running a test drive. It was also very interesting to see Formula1 and sports cars in the museum „Ferrari World. “
Back home we had a refreshing break before all families, kids and teachers met in a tent to have pizza. We had a lot of fun at our `Farewell Party` but we were sad to leave. We said good bye with a lot of tears.

On Thursday morning it was time to leave Rio Saliceto. We were looking forward to going to Venice by train. At first we explored the famous town by Vaporetto on Canale Grande.
We walked a lot, took many pictures, had a lot of fun and… had to pay 8€ for a coke.  :-( The weather was fine and we all had a great time.
We stayed overnight in the A&O hostel.

On our last day we had breakfast in the hotel. Then we packed our suitcases to go to Caorle. The beach at Caorle was wonderful. We went swimming in the sea, had lots of fun and ate pizza and an ice cream.
At three o´clock we went back home to Austria. It took us 7 hours until we arrived in Waldzell.

A brief review:
Food and weather were very good.
The Italian host family was nice, friendly and helpful.
Tuesday and Thursday were my favorite days.
We had a lot of fun and a great time in Italy.

I will never forget this Italian trip!


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